“People who work in a demanding context tend to be more interested in their vulnerabilities than their abilities. They don’t ignore their abilities but they understand the importance of knowing how things can go wrong. Those who are successful learn from it.”

After graduating with distinction in Medicine in his native New Zealand, Ceri was awarded a Rhodes Scholarship to Oxford University. While gaining First Class Honours in Experimental Psychology, he played professional football in the English first division. Ceri then trained in psychiatry at The Maudsley Hospital in London, specialised as a forensic psychiatrist and completed a PhD in traumatic memory, based on his interviews with over 100 violent offenders.

As the clinical director of a Regional Forensic Psychiatric Service for 8 years in New Zealand, he led national projects on violence risk assessment and mental health screening in prisons, has published in peer-reviewed psychiatric journals, and has given expert evidence in leading criminal and civil cases.

He has worked across the spectrum with violent offenders, prominent athletes, coaches, teams, senior executives and officials.
In addition to private clinical practice, Ceri is today applying his medical expertise to a wider purpose as an independent consultant, working internationally with leading sport, corporate, medico-legal, government, education, and military clients. Ceri·is committed to working with people who are serious about performing under pressure.

He and his family live in New Zealand. He travels extensively to deliver ‘Performance Under Pressure’© programmes and keynote addresses.